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    10 Short Term IT Courses to Get Job Easily

    Starting a career in IT course without proper knowledge and information can be difficult. Topics in IT field like programming and coding can be overwhelming to most of the people who prefers shortcut. There are a lot of topics a person can choose within an IT field, that would help them get a job easily. Here are 10 IT courses to get job easily:

    It doesn’t matter either the student is from IT background or from any other faculties. Anyone having interest on technology, computers can easily handle IT Tasks.

    • Graphic Designing:
      Graphic designing is simply creating a visual art for many purposes. With graphic designing, one can make advertisement for a company, create art that goes with the written content. One can also design website, brochure, flyers, visiting card etc. There are a lot of things a person can work for, if good at graphic designing. Tools needed to know for being a good graphic designer are: Corel DrawAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop etc.

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    • SEO
      SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice of increasing traffic and engagement in any website without paying. Content can be posted in such a way that while searching for it in a search engine, the post is more likely to be seen at the top and people would be interested in clicking the link.

    Knowledge needed to know for SEO are Keyword researchMozSemrush & basic knowledge of coding etc.

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    • Content Writing:
      One can do content writing for a website. Each website has a target audience who can be attracted by good content. Content should have keywords to improve a website’s SEO. The content can be for creating Business Plan, Letter, Content for Brochure or any medium of textual matter.

    After learning to write content, one can do website content writing, blog content writing, company info and business plan writing and many more.

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    • WordPress Developer:
      As per as the recent data, WordPress has 34% penetration in global website development. People prefer WordPress CMS. WordPress is a convenient platform where one can develop website or even create customizing plugins and themes. Blogs can also be written using WordPress. WordPress manager can run, manage, post, update website. Any organisation looking for Webmaster can hire WordPress developer.

    A web designer having any knowledge of website development can easily learn WordPress.

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    • DTP Operating
      DTP stands for Desktop Publishing. A person can learn basic computing easily and can be a DTP operator. One need to use specialized software to make sure printed books, pamphlets and magazines are easy to read and attractive.

    Normal desktop works like Microsoft WordExcelPowerPoint, etc are necessary tools to learn to be a DTP operator.

    desktop publishing tools



    • Quality Analyst
      A quality Analyst conducts regular software audits, makes a new quality test process and analyze the software to check errors or faults. Quality analyst works with the software in every way to check errors, how qualitative the work is or what would be best for the user to use the software and not be bothered by the software in any way. Quality analyst helps improve the software quality by being in the shoes of users and working with the on-test software.

    quality analyst



    • Database Scraping
      Data scraping is a technique in which a computer extracts important data from human readable output. Data and information can be scraped from another website and stored to know the market and use it for our benefit. The data can be stored and managed in Microsoft Excel or any other database format. Gathering information from various sources can be hectic for C level employee.

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    • Visual Artist
      A visual artist is the person who creates videos which can be a good money making job. The video can be any advertisement, promo, movie trailer. A person can make, edit, manage YouTube video contents. By being a visual artist, one can make attractive and catchy advertisements for other larger companies.

    Tools needed to know for a visual artist, Adobe Premiere or any  other video editing app like sony vegas pro or shotcut (free)

    visual artist in nepal



    • Digital Media Marketing
      Nowadays most of the people uses social media and internet. Unlike traditional way of marketing, nowadays marketing can be done digitally. One should know to properly promote advertisements to nail it. If done properly, digital media marketing can help the advertisement reach to wide audience with less payment. Digital Media Marketing is not very difficult to learn, and company will provide good amount of salary to a person who can do Digital Marketing.

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    • Basic Coding
      By learning basic coding concepts and some coding language, a person can update websites and work as a website maintenance. And just by putting some effort and learning coding, a person can even make websites, software and applications. By learning coding one can make websites and software for company or organization and it pays pretty good.

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