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Sriyog Technologies
Sriyog Technologies
Information Technology
Member Since, Jul 27, 2018
Bagmati Apartments, Kathmandu
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Analyzing the global trend of migration, we can find the only reason for skyrocketing foreign employment is that people choose the easy way of grabbing the readymade market rather than creating something new by themselves. This hampers the distribution of the skilled manpower in the underdeveloped countries and brings imbalance over the global community. Analyzing the Global Service market, we found unbelievable facts:
  • Local experts have a tremendous market; as a result, they drop the small works whereas starters never get an opportunity to prove themselves.
  • Time management and scheduling are never done
  • The experts and veterans never work to build their team and gain trust. To grab this opportunity, various agencies filled in the space by creating the market and are performing much smoothly
  • But agencies are creating a hectic schedule, paying low to their employees and charging much higher to the service seekers.
A college student can manage part-time to tutor his/her juniors for his pocket income. Similarly, babysitting, party planner, kitchen helper, delivery helper, etc. can be good for utilization of time and at the same time be a decent source of income. You can work as a freelancer at your comfort and as per your schedule. Through this platform, service market eco-system can be balanced and global migration trends for employment can be controlled.


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